easy html creative template




ِAMELIA Template is well commented to easily understand, everypage has


< head > area which contains the meta tags and css files

< body > area which contains the site and divided into

< header > with  ID "main-nav" and includes menu, logo area

< footer > with ID "footer" includes all footer content .

if you nedd add section with border top create div class="section-top-line

  1. Main CSS Style File ••► style.css
  2. Font Awesome CSS Style File ••► css/font-awesome.css
  3. Main Responsive CSS Style File ••► css/responsive.css
  4. bootstrap framework CSS Style File••► css/bootstrap.min.css
  5. owl slider CSS Style File••► css/owlcarousel.min.css 
  6. lightbox CSS Style File••►css/smoothbox.css
  1. going to js folder then open file called custom.js and go to video-bg and put your video path as you can see in the img
  2. img
  1. going to home bg slideshow and scroll to bottom of the page and you will see as the pic img path just change it with your path
  2. img

You Have alot of awesome and creative javascript libraries

you will find the main js files after the end of .go up it will be like that