Startup Responsive Parallax Landing Page Template

Startup is an HTML Template. To customize this template, You should know some basic HTML and Computer Knowledge. If you don't have this knowledge, you can contact any Web Designer to do this task. Editing this template with out knowing things means, it will break the layout and design. 

You can customize this template with any Code editing software. I recommend Dreamweaver if you are on Windows and Sublime Text for Mac users. Even you can customize the template with Notepad. So don't worry if you don't have these software.

A word in the Tagline sentence can be animated with our script. To change your text, Wrap text inside <span> class. then add data-typer-targets and add values seperated by comma. See an example below


 <h1>The Most <span data-typer-targets="Easy,Effective,Advanced,Secure,Friendly,Simple">Simple</span> and <strong>Powerful Way</strong> <br>  to <strong>launch</strong> your startup</h1>

Email Subscription is powered by Mailchimp. You need a mailchimp account to get the form working. You will get an API code and List ID from Mailchimp dashboard. Copy it in subscribe.php (You also need a PHP server to check it. It will not work locally on your computer)


$listId = 'YOUR_LIST_ID';

You can use your own background with the Colord Effect for header and footer. For that, You should open your custom background image in photoshop, and import your favorite color from /img-overlays folder. Then Place it above your image. Adjust the contrast or opacity if you like. Then save it as JPG or PNG. You can keep the same name, so that you don't need to edit CSS.

For other customizations like Text changing, you can simply do it in any code editing software. Just replace the current text with your text. Then Save it. That's all

If you have any issues customizing, or if you need any help regarding this template, or to just Say Hi, Please contact me on

Background Images provided by Picjumbo. You can also find great images for free. Icons are from Icon Finder. Check it out if you need some cool icons for your website.